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Online food portal Kokiku looks to go into print and broadcast

1, Aug 2013 Indonesia 

Indonesia’s online food portal, Kokiku.tv, is planning to expand their dominance to print and broadcast media.

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Kokiku.tv, a portal for foodies, was set up with by two co-founders who saw that the choice of food is increasingly important if individuals want a healthier life. Not only does it provide the latest food news, cooking videos, recipes in Indonesia, the media and creative content arm of Octovate Group also tries to nurture food communities in the country.

Though they have an dominant online presence, the portal is planning to reach out to other medium, such as print and broadcast media. Aside from getting into the traditional media space, co-founder Nadia Ve pointed out that they are looking to have “social activities that use food to touch people’s lives.”

The winner of the last Bubu Awards, under the travel and tourism category, has always been online with a vision. According to them, it is to become the leading culinary community content provider in the largest Southeast Asian country. As of writing, they recently sealed the deal with popular brand Heinz ABC.

Nadia said that she has a background in the film industry, and video-making is something she has been doing for years. She added, “I see more and more brands tapping into digital sphere and they need sophisticated video services in food. Yet most importantly, for me it’s a passion project whereby I could thrive my creativity at the most.”

As a production house and content creator for food brands, they also provide online media placement packages to complement their video-making services, which work alongside with social media and microsite development.

On top of that, they also offer creative activation programs, which are tailored to the client’s needs and wants. This could even be a case of merging offline and online activities to maximize exposure and boost interaction.


While Nadia has three freelancers helping her with ground work, she still does the final touch-ups herself. She also added, “We upload and publish around seven video and receipts every month to our portal and furthermore, we are the content provider for our sister company Fimela.”

The portal has also been seen hitting 100,000 unique visitors and 400,000 page views recently. Nadia shared, “Our viewers are growing organically and surprisingly, male viewers has been hitting the number of more than 40 percent from the former 30 percent.”

Currently, the programs they have include Freestyle Kitchen, Food Play, Hunger Cure and SweetTalk. Hosted by the winner of MasterChef Indonesia, Lucky Andreono, Food Play showcases fusion-inspired cooking. Hunger Cure, on the other hand, guides viewers with easy-to-follow recipes. SweetTalk, well, unsurprisingly talks about desserts. With such a broad coverage, from traditional cooking to trendy sweets, it seems like the program might have something for everyone.

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